Net Support Manual: Use this to log all students on to computer lab.

John’s Computer Class Links: These are the most recent lessons I’ve used with my class.

Welcome to Computers Textbook (4th Edition)

Sample Student Questionnaire

Kristy’s Stuff (Kristy Freney’s VST Links)


English with Computers: These are mostly self-paced sites to learn English utilizing a commputer.

Sample Google Docs

VST Sharing Workshop

August 18, 2018

John Stanley

A list of live links from today’s workshop will be at johnesl.com/vst

Campus Computer Lab: The generic login is:

Username: acestudent

Password: Password1

Some reflections about VST

• What is VST? VST stands for Vocational Skills Training.

• A student survey can be helpful at the beginning of the class. Ask them what they know and what they want to learn (sample on web).

• Consider making a blog for your class: wordpress.com is very easy to use.

• Jesse can come to one of your first classes to teach students how to login. Or, you can log them all on at the same time (my preferred method).

• Textbook: Welcome to Computers for ESL Students, 4th Edition (There is a new fifth edition available that I hope we will purchase that is more up-to-date for Windows 10 and has a built-in workbook).

• The textbook is great for language. The computer lessons will be easy for some and brand new for others. I recommend doing language lessons together, and then modeling the computer skills and letting them go at their own pace. Have a plan for the fast finishers.

• Like any class, students will come with a range of levels. Some will be comfortable on a computer and some will have trouble using a mouse.

• In my experience, all students appreciate the language learning and vocabulary, regardless of ability.

• Workbook pages can be used in-class or for homework. I usually didn’t have too much time to do workbook pages but I plan to use more this semester.

• Partner work is your friend!

• Use Google Docs: No saving, easy to correct, and accessible from home.

• Use a combination of whole-group instruction and individual (at your own pace) practice. Trying to keep the whole class on the same page at all times will lead to boredom for some and frustration for you.

• Model the skill for students with monitors turned off. Otherwise some won’t pay attention and then expect one-on-one help during independent practice time.

• Be frank with class: Teaching computer class is hard and you need their help to assist each other and patience. They will understand 🙂

• Quickly find your computer experts and enlist them to walk around to help others. They will reinforce their English and practice their computer vocabulary and verbs.

• I have had many lessons go wrong to figure out what works in the computer lab.

• Start class with keyboarding. Students love it, it’s a useful skill, and fast finishers can always go back to it after individual lesson practice.