5 thoughts on “Quick Write”

  1. I have many computers. I have a laptop. I have an iPad. I also have an iPhone. I even have an Apple Watch. These are all computers!

    I want to learn how to use PowerPoint. I like slideshows.

  2. Hello John.
    I like to go to your English and computer class. I have an iPad and Apple laptop.

    I want to learn citizenship. I want to become a citizen.

  3. Hi John. How are you?

    I have a laptop. I would like to learn how to copy something I write on the computer. For example, I want to write something and then copy it.

  4. I have a computer at the library but I am not good at using the computer.

    I always bother you too much so sorry about that. But I have
    to try again and again.

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